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About Encopresis & Enuresis 

Dr. Johanna specializes in treating encopresis, enuresis, toileting accidents, bedwetting, and stool withholding.



Clinical Psychologist

I specialize in diagnosing and treating elimination disorders, including encopresis (defecating in inappropriate places, at least once per month for three or more months) and enuresis (repeatedly urinating in inappropriate places). I help parents address soiling, bed-wetting, stool withholding, urine accidents, toileting refusal, and related challenges. I am also experienced in helping children who have coexisting concerns, including Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD), Oppositional Defiant Disorder (ODD), Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD), sensory issues, and behavioral difficulties. With patience and compassion, I will help your child. 


Is your child wetting the bed? Does he refuse to use the toilet? Does your daughter have accidents, making it difficult for her to stay with relatives, friends, or go to summer camp? Is your child embarrassed to use the toilet in public? Is your son or daughter over 5 years old and still wearing diapers or pull-ups? I am here to address your concerns and help your child. 

Are you waiting for your child to outgrow having potty accidents, but the problem doesn't seem to be improving? Is your daughter withholding and often constipated? Does your child not notice when he has a poop accident? Does he struggle to wipe properly? I am experienced in addressing these toileting issues. 


Have you tried addressing your child's behavior and feel hopeless? Do you worry about your child being teased or embarrassed about his toileting difficulties? I'm here to help. I will address your toileting concerns and your child's self-esteem.

Please call 917-254-9770 today for help diagnosing and addressing your child's encopresis or enuresis. I look forward to helping you and your child.


Treatment is available in my New York City office, located on the Upper West Side. For families located outside NYC, I am also available via tele-therapy (video sessions).  


I know how difficult it is to find a psychologist who specializes in treating elimination disorders. Due to this limitation and my passion for treating these disorders, I offer a sliding scale to make treatment more accessible. Please call me today to discuss further.

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